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TLC activity sheets

Supporting each issue of TLC Teacher and TLC Kids is a range of activity sheets, games and additional texts. You can download these for free here. Simply click on the resource title to download each file in pdf format.

For ages 5 to 7

Issue 1

How to plant a bulb - Instructions

Easter basket - Links to the Easter Egg Hunt game

Can you match the baby animal to the adult: Easy; Average; Difficult

Storm clouds - Descriptive words

Issue 2

African mask template

Design a football shirt - template

Word Cup Challenge Cards - Set 1, Set 2, Set 3

Word Cup Challenge Counters

If boots could talk - Dialogue in stories

Annotated Magic Boots story


For ages 7 to 11

Issue 1

Cry Wolf -  A poem by Eric Finney (after Aesop)

I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud - Classic poem by William Wordsworth

Spring Festivals - Information text

Telling a tall story - Story planning grid

Issue 2

Timeline of World War II

World War II Glossary

D-Day - Information text

Jabberwocky - Making sense of a nonsense poem

The Gospel According to Felicity Brady - Book blurb

The Wizard's Bookshop - Story analysis grid

Wow Word Search

Wow Word Answers

If I was the England Manager - Who would be in your starting eleven?

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