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One Day in Oradour cover

One Day in Oradour

by Helen Watts

"A profound WW2 book not to be missed...One Day In Oradour by Helen Watts will leave any 11+ surprised, inspired and profoundly moved. Definitely one for the grown-ups as well." Reviewed by Julia Eccleshare and selected by her as 'June Book of the Month' on

A compelling narrative which looks deep inside human behavior and the terrifying consequences of man's actions."

“Watts...handles the brutal truth with sensitivity, without shying away from the facts.” The Historical Novel Society

“Watts...having tackled a demanding subject, one fraught with risks of maudlin, sensationalism or sentimentality, has succeeded in bringing to a child's mind's eye enough of a hideous reality to touch the young reader, and to inform without despair.” Sydney Morning Herald. Read the full review

 "Akin to some of Michael Morpurgo's work. A haunting story and one which stays with you for some time." Joy Redrup, Literacy Subject Leader, Lowestoft.

"An incredibly gripping read." Stephanie Cerrone, Teacher of English, Stratford-upon-Avon School.

"I have visited Oradour myself and it is very moving. Reading this book has made me want to return to Oradour again and see things from a new perspective. I will certainly be promoting this book to my students." School Librarian, The Hemel Hempstead School.

"This book was infectious, could not put it down." Diane Beale (Amazon review)

***** 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon - Read more great reviews of One Day in Oradour


Make Phonics Fun

by Helen Watts, Bev Long and Kathy Garnett

"A welcome addition to the phonic resources already available for this age group."  National Literacy Association's Guide to Literacy Resources

Read the full review and find out more.


Taffy's Coat Tales

by Taffy Thomas MBE, edited by Helen Watts


 “Taffy's Coat Tales should find a home in every teacher's storytelling repertoire. Ideal for telling and independent retelling by children, this collection is an educational gem.” Independent educational consultant, poet and writer, Pie Corbett.

"I still wanted more. I finished it quicker than I expected, which shows how easy it is to become absorbed by this book. The stories being the kind you can go back to again and again..." Damien Lance Barker, Facts & Fiction (No 73, May 2010). Read the full review. 

"One of storytelling's most precious jewels ... It gives everyone who reads it the opportunity to find a tale that draws them in and that they can tell in their own way ... something for everyone, all ages, for both the novice and experienced storyteller alike." Alan Woollard, Society for Storytelling reviewer

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